SI6HTS? NOT if They Don’t Snag 21 First

As Duke prepares to begin their run at a 21st ACC Tournament Title, a question that often comes up with conference tourney runs is how important is winning the thing really?

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Return of The Pack


By JD Smith

Since Coach Jim Valvano’s tragic passing from cancer at age 47, no coach has been able to restore NC State basketball to the glory he did. Valvano won two ACC Tournament titles to go along with his iconic 1983 National Championship win over Houston. Continue reading

Triangle Bball Primer


By: JD Smith

Welcome Triangle Sports fans! It’s that time of year again, snow is falling across the state, the Christmas spirit has gone away, and our professional sports teams are leaving us disappointed like they love to do. Of course the Panthers would lose on a sack in the playoffs, and obviously the Hornets would stink and be ready to trade away their best player, and we won’t even mention the Hurricanes. So if you’re a North Carolina sports fan, may be wondering what you can tune into as we slog through the dreary winter months.

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UNC Football

Towards the end of Carolina’s 33-10 home loss to Notre Dame on Saturday, I saw #FireFedora show up over and over. When I clicked on the hashtag, it appeared that UNC fans were pretty evenly split. Some want Fedora fired immediately, while others still believe in the coach. In this article, we’ll take a close look at Fedora’s track record and try to determine just how worried Tar Heel fans should be. Continue reading