College Football PreviewIt is finally here. WE MADE IT! Everyone give yourselves a round of applause. The dog days of summer are gone and we are almost done with the Sportscenter top 10 being completely made up of diving catches or a dog riding a skateboard. That can only mean one thing, its time to fire up the grill, crack open a frosty beverage or seven, and it is time for some college football. I’ll give you my predictions about how it will shake out in each conference and peel the onion back a bit for the ACC and SEC.


Champ: FSU

Champ game: FSU over Miami

THIS IS THE YEAR!! It finally happened. Almost 15 years ago when the ACC started the dominoes of college realignment this was the dream. The championship game was placed in Florida and every year was supposed to end with FSU playing Miami in Jacksonville/Tampa and the ACC being a perennial college football power. Well after wandering aimlessly during the late 2000s while BC and Wake Forest were making ACC championship game appearances playing in front of about 20k people, Clemson and FSU morphed into national powers. While that was happening Bobby Petrino resurfaced at Louisville and Miami is now being led by Marc Richt. Larry Fedora took UNC to double digit wins, Justin Fuente has had positive returns in his early tenure and Paul Johnson wins 9-10 games every three years. Suffice it to say the ACC has become a national power just not in the way everyone originally thought.

What will happen

Marc Richt will do something no Miami coach has done before, lead his team to the ACC champ game. Newly crowned starter Malik Rozier will do enough for a Miami team that will be led by a great defense(team returns 8 on D and 7 on O). Close losses last year will flip to wins and the schedule is friendly with the exception of a trip to Tally. A de facto Coastal champ game takes place on Nov 4th when the Hokies visit Coral Gables. In the Atlantic, Deandre Francois will take a big step forward after playing much of last year on his back and showing promise while doing so. Cam Akers will become a familiar name by the beginning of November and the defense will be better than last years squad that came on strong after the first 5 weeks of last season. Clemson takes a small step backwards with the loss of Deshaun Watson and finishes 3rd in the Atlantic behind A Lamar Jackson led Louisville team who flirts with the college football playoff. All of this leads to FSU winning the ACC.

Atlantic Coastal
FSU Miami
Louisville VT
Clemson Pitt
Wake UNC
Syracuse Duke

Alabama and co.    SEC

Champ: Alabama

Champ game: Alabama over UGA

Lets be real here for a second. Alabama is a modern day dynasty who has only been an underdog once in the last 5 years(@ UGA in 2015, they won by 28). They are amazing and have been once Saban got rolling. The rest of the conference reminds me of the ACC in the late 2000s, some teams have shown promise and look to be coming back from their jaunt through the desert but when your head coaches go from Spurrier, Richt, Fullmer, Miles, and Meyer to Muschamp, Smart, Jones, Orgeron, and McElwain that is not an upgrade. That’s not to say some wont outperform their predecessor, but as a whole that isn’t good for the conference. Until someone steps up and is a consistent threat year in and year out this will continue to be Alabama and co.

What will happen

In the West, Jarrett Stidham leads Auburn out of QB purgatory and turns into a top 5-ish QB in the country. LSU shows a new “creative” offense full of jet sweeps and new formations but the results don’t change a ton against top competition until they find a playmaker at QB, Kevin Sumlin loses his job after finishing 4th in the West, and the CFP chances of the conference all boil down to Alabama @ Auburn on Thanksgiving weekend, which is used as Jalen Hurts Heisman highlight reel. In the East, you should close your eyes and throw some darts. I could be talked into 3 different teams winning the East and none of them are CFP type teams in my mind. So here goes, Kirby Smart looks like a genius for letting Jacob Eason take some lumps last year as he makes a jump in his Soph year and leads UGA to the SEC East crown. Its by a narrow margin though as they hold the tie breaker over UF due to winning the WLOCP. Tennessee shows flashes just as they have the last 2 years but cant get over the hump and again is left with half the fans ready to quit and the other half believing they are onto something special. USC and UK are both decent teams with some pieces to surprise anyone on a given weekend but battle it out for fourth while Missouri longs for the days of Gary Pinkel.

West East
Alabama UGA
Auburn Florida
LSU Tennessee
Miss St USC
Ole Miss Vandy
Arkansas Mizzou

Lets speed this up now that we are going across the Mississippi

Big 12

The mullet reigns supreme as Okie St takes the Big 12. Lincoln Riley realizes mid November why Bob Stoops retired, his team isn’t national title contender and finishes with 3 losses. TCU bounces back in a big way and Texas looks a little like Texas for the first time in 5-6 years.

Pac 12

David Shaw leads Stanford to the Pac-12 title and avenges a loss to USC in the Pac-12 title game. This throws a kink in the CFP and chaos abounds as coaches all across the country make stupid statements to try and get their team/conference in the playoff, this includes Charlie Strong and all the AAC coaches as they try to convince us that their conference is the best in the land.

Big 10

After being exposed on the national stage during last year’s bowl season Ohio State goes on a redemption tour for the rest of the conference and runs the table. The conference title comes down to an OSU vs PSU showdown, but being in the horseshoe is enough to push OSU over the top. At the conclusion of the season JT Barrett sues the NCAA and is re-enrolled as a freshman where he plays college football until the end of time. Jim Harbough continues to be a child and eventually sends in his depth chart by way of carrier pigeon just to spite the rest of the country and to somehow prove that he is as tough and innovative as our forefathers.


  1. Jalen Hurts
  2. JT Barrett
  3. Lamar Jackson
  4. Shaquan Barkley
  5. Derwin James


  • Alabama > Okie St
  • FSU > OSU

The natty is a rematch of our week 1 showdown and the trilogy of ACC vs Bama for a title. Bama goes 2-0 vs FSU on the year and Nick Saban continues to roll. While on stage celebrating another title Saban reveals that he hasn’t slept in 365 days lamenting the Clemson loss and is disappointed that they only won by 7.

Take all of this as gospel. Take it to the bank, invest your life savings in what is written above and thank me later, tips appreciated.

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