Taylor’s Take: Week 4

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Week 4’s win against the defending Super Bowl champs was exactly the momentum the Panthers needed to bounce back from the AWFUL loss they had at home vs the Saints (divisional loss too, which stings more).

I’ll gladly admit that I thought this was going to be another verrrrry long season, another “rebuilding year” as Cam is working on a surgically repaired shoulder, getting his timing back, and ESPECIALLY seeing Greg Olsen go down and out of the season with a broken foot. Olsen has been Cam’s #1 target for the past two years! I can name quite a few fellow fans who wanted to give up immediately – start selling their season tickets, write the season off. Tisk tisk, y’all! Shame on you!
What’d the Cardiac Cats do? THEY GOT THE JOB DONE. THEY FINISHED. They didn’t freak out, and Gano was actually GA-YES with the winning 48-yard kick after a beautiful 80-yard winning drive with time expiring. My favorite thing Cam said after the game was “it takes time…this offense isn’t cereal or quick grits…this is a full entree and we have to prepare it that way.” I don’t think he could have been any more RIGHT. I said it before, the Panthers got so much hype during the preseason with drafting CMC, and the thousands of questions of “how will Cam do?” It takes more than a few weeks into the season for all of the Panthers’ ingredients to come together.
A friend of mine said when Cam plays well, the entire team, and stadium for that matter, feels it. Everyone thrives off his mood, it’s so contagious. And the same goes for when Cam doesn’t play his best (#CamSigh). The Panthers need to build off this momentum, and use it when they play in Detroit for Week 5.
Sunday’s game was an amazing reminder of how great the Panthers can play when they get in a rhythm. If the Panthers play like that against the Lions, they’ll have no issue coming home with a W and getting ready for the Thursday night game vs the Eagles. Hopefully Shula will keep the aggressive playcalling GOING, the Thers have far too many playmakers to not utilize them fully.
#KeepPounding y’all! Plenty of football to come!

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