Taylor’s Take Week 7

Taylor's Take Week 1

Does anyone ever feel like when your team doesn’t play on a Sunday, your whole routine is thrown off? Maybe? It’s like I don’t know what to do, every other game that’s on just seems boring. Maybe it’s just me…

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UNC Football

Towards the end of Carolina’s 33-10 home loss to Notre Dame on Saturday, I saw #FireFedora show up over and over. When I clicked on the hashtag, it appeared that UNC fans were pretty evenly split. Some want Fedora fired immediately, while others still believe in the coach. In this article, we’ll take a close look at Fedora’s track record and try to determine just how worried Tar Heel fans should be. Continue reading

The time is now NC State

NCSU Fball

It finally happened for Dave Doeren’s Wolfpack. After 4 years of frustration that combined for a 0-12 mark against FSU, Clemson, and Louisville, the Wolfpack came away with a win against one of the heavy hitters in the Atlantic. You heard they hype, you can see the depth chart, with a team full of talented Juniors and Seniors and one notch under your belt already, the time is now for NC State. Continue reading


College Football PreviewIt is finally here. WE MADE IT! Everyone give yourselves a round of applause. The dog days of summer are gone and we are almost done with the Sportscenter top 10 being completely made up of diving catches or a dog riding a skateboard. That can only mean one thing, its time to fire up the grill, crack open a frosty beverage or seven, and it is time for some college football. Continue reading